Live Pulse Oximeter

SimpleEye Live Pulse Oximeter lets you collect and record real-time blood oxygen and pulse information from a compatible Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeter.

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Intelligent measurement

Connect with your Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeter.
See a real-time chart of your heart rate and blood oxygen, over 1, 2 or 5-minute timescales.
Record real-time blood oxygen and pulse measurements from the pulse oximeter.
Record for as long as you want: limited only by battery life and storage space on your Android device.
Supports multiple pulse oximeters: the Nonin 9560 II BT and the ChoiceMmed MDC300C318 are supported.
Voice announcements let you monitor the measurements without looking at the screen.

Review recordings

Review saved recordings in an interactive chart.
See your heart rate and blood oxygen in a large-format widget that can be added to the home screen.

Share and sync

Share measurements by email or any other Android sharing option.


Android 2.0 or higher

Works with:

Nonin Onyx II 9560BT Pulse Oximeter
ChoiceMmed MD300C318T Pulse Oximeter